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We want our members to be involved in the Omicron Delta Chapter!  Being engaged in your membership is the best way to really be a part of all that Omicron Delta and STTI are doing!  To provide a way for members to be involved, Omicron Delta has listed volunteer opportunities below.  If none of the current options interest you but you would like to be notified of upcoming opportunities, please fill out the form below or email the chapter at:  Once you are added to the database, the Membership Engagement Committee will contact you to determine what upcoming opportunities will best fit your needs.  

Below is an overview of each of our committees and what they do for the chapter. 

Chapter Officers and Committees     Committee Overview

Membership Engagement:  Vice President, Mentee, Members

Service:  Immediate Past President, Mentee, Members

Scholarship:  Chair, Members

Leadership Succession:  Chair, Members - all elected

Governance:  Appointed Chair, Counselor, Delegates

Finance:  President Elect, Treasurer, Immediate Past President, Member

Technology and Communication:  Director of Membership Engagement, Intern


  Current Volunteer Opportunities


Community Service Committee 

The Chapter is in need of individuals who are interested in participating in community service.  The Service Committee will work with the immediate Past President.  Together they will track the chapters efforts in regard to the two service organizations that the chapter is involved with: and Project Linus.  This committee will also help coordinate any efforts or activities that the chapter plans to help the chapter reach their service activity goals with other events.  

Membership Engagement Committee

The Membership Engagement Committee will work directly with the Chapter Vice-President.  This committee will assist the Vice President with planning membership engagement activities as well as assist members in getting involved in different areas of the chapter.  If you have a background or interest getting involved with the chapter and helping other members do the same - we would love to hear from you!

Technology Committee

The Technology Committee is looking for members interested in learning more about the chapter through social media communications. Members of the Technology Committee will work with all areas of the chapter to help facilitate communication about important notices.  Those communications will be done through facebook, the chapter newsletter and the STTI social media site - The Circle. 

Leader Internship and Mentorship Program:  The chapter also offers three volunteer positions for members who are looking to get more involved.  There are two mentorship opportunities.  One mentee facilitates the Membership Engagement Committee and one mentee facilitates the Service Committee.  The mentees work with the Committee Chairs to determine strategies and a plan for accomplishing the committee goals.  Omicron Delta also offers a Leadership Intern program.  The Leader Intern works with a different officer each month to learn more about the chapter and all that Omicron Delta accomplishes in a year.  All three of these positions are a great way for a member to get involved with the chapter before considering running for an elected position.  All three positions are a two year term and membership to STTI is reimbursed by the chapter while the member is serving. 


  Volunteer Information

If you are interested in any of the opportunities mentioned above, please fill out the form below and indicate which you are most interested in by using the comment box.  If none of the current options are of interest to you but you would like to be kept informed of future opportunities, please complete the form below and indicate "future" in the comment box.  Thanks!  . 

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