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Prospective Members

If you have been invited to become a member and are considering this, please review the following benefits to members: 

Member Benefits

  • Members may purchase an honor cord to wear over their graduation gown

  • Members have access to The Circle, STTI's social network which which allows them to communicate and share ideas with other nursing professionals

  • Membership conveys excellence in nursing and provides opportunities for professional growth

  • Members have the opportunity to apply for research scholarships and professional development funding. 

Membership in the chapter automatically makes you a member of Sigma Theta Tau International (STTI). Dues are paid directly to the honor society, and a portion is then paid to Omicron Delta. Annual renewal can be accomplished online at the honor society’s website:


Membership Criteria

Membership in the Omicron Delta Chapter of the Honor Society for Nursing is by invitation only and follows the same criteria as the eligibility criteria for Sigma Theta Tau International. Individuals may apply for dual membership (membership in more than one chapter), or transfer an existing membership in another chapter by completing an application with STTI, signifying “Dual Membership” or “Transfer Membership”.

Candidates for membership must meet all eligibility requirements and complete an application. Each candidate must have demonstrated superior scholastic achievement, academic integrity, professional leadership potential and/or marked achievement in nursing. Prospective members fall into two categories:  Student and Nurse Leader.

Student Nominees must be admitted to the University, must be in good standing with the University, must be recommended by University faculty (handled by each campus), must have completed a course in their program during the calendar year of the application period (January 1 - December 31st) and meet the following academic criteria:


Completed 21 nursing program credits and completion of NUR340 21 nursing credits 21 nursing credits 10 program credits 13 program credits 16 program credits 13 program credits 16 program credits
Top 1/3 of class Top 1/3 of class 3.5 or higher 3.5 or higher 3.5 or higher 3.5 or higher 3.5 or higher 3.5 or higher


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