Omicron Delta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International

Membership Interest Form

***PLEASE be aware that the form below is an "interest" form. It is not an application for membership.

Students who have contacted UOP and verified their eligibility may fill out this form using the invitation code they were given. Once your completed form is submitted and received, the chapter will then enter your information into the STTI system. You will then receive an official invitation and application from STTI. Please note that you should either hear from us or receive an invitation within 10 business days once you have submitted the completed form below. If you do not, please contact us at: so that we may look into it for you.

Membership to Omicron Delta is by invitation only. If you are a student, you must have an approval code from UOP to continue with this form. To obtain a code, please contact them at:

If you are not enrolled as a student with the University of Phoenix and would like to be considered for membership as a nurse leader, please indicate "NL" in the "invitation code" field, "program" field and "est grad date" field. We wil contact you within 7 business days regarding the nurse leader review process.