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Chapter Accomplishments and Activities 2015-2016

As we near the end of our fiscal year, the chapter has compiled a list of many of the activities that were accomplished over the past twelve months. Thank you to all of our Omicron Delta members who helped make this possible!  Be proud that you are a part of what we are doing in our efforts to give back to nursing! 

**     Omicron Delta held four education conferences where contact hours were awarded to those who that attended.  We co-hosted the STTI Biennial Pre-Conference in Las Vegas and co-hosted the CA Doctoral Education Conference in California.  We also co-hosted to webinars this year which is something new for us.  Coming up next is our education conference in St. Louis, MO!

**     We awarded two leadership-education grants to nurses who live in low income countries so they were able to attend the STTI Biennial Convention.  Through the member donations given when you complete your renewal, we are able to support the STTI foundation and assist these nurses from countries that may not otherwise have these opportunities. 

**     The chapter provided eleven scholarships - totaling more than $10,000 - to assist our members in conducting research, attending professional conferences and helping them pay tuition for doctoral classes.  These scholarships are available to all of our members!

**     Omicron Delta supported through the chapter’s service organization, H2Omicron Delta, by donating more than $1100 to help people in low income countries receive access to clean water.  For only $25, can give someone safe water for life.  The difference that our chapter is making is something to be proud of!

**     We hosted a professional development meeting for all members.  In June of each year, the chapter holds a virtual meeting for all of our members to attend.  We promote a professional development topic that will benefit all of us – such as how to get published or tips for completing a mission trip.  This meeting It is held online, over a few days, so time and location do not impact a member’s ability to attend and participate. 

**     In addition to, the chapter contributed to service organizations such as Malawi Medicine Bottle Project, Project Linus and One Nurse at a Time. 

**     Omicron Delta also has leadership opportunities for members.  Each year we select a leadership intern who works with the chapter to learn leadership responsibilities within the organization and is able to attend an STTI event with Board members at the end of their term. 

**     Created the Membership Engagement Committee which involved more members than ever as volunteers to help with projects and chapter committees.  Retention improved in the last quarter at a rate higher than we have seen in five years.   

 As a member of the Omicron Delta Chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International, you are a part of this! Together, we are making an impact! 


Sigma Theta Tau was founded in 1922 by six nurses at Indiana University. The founders chose the name from the initials of three Greek words: 'storage,' meaning love, 'tharos,' meaning courage, and 'tima,' meaning honor--sigma, theta, tau. In 1985 the society was incorporated as Sigma Theta Tau International Honor Society of Nursing, a not-for-profit organization with 501(c)(3) status. The mission of STTI and its chapters is to provide leadership and scholarship in nursing practice, education, and research to enhance the health of all people and to support the learning and professional development of its members who strive to improve nursing care worldwide. STTI's vision is to create a global community of nurses who lead using scholarship, knowledge, and technology to improve the health of the world's people.

In 1995 the University of Phoenix Nursing Honor Society was formed by Dr. Ela-Joy Lehrman who served as President, and 166 members were inducted. The Chapter received its charter and Greek name--Omicron Delta--from STTI on April 3, 1998, and it has grown to over 5000 active members. The Chapter has been actively involved in numerous community activities as well as national research conferences.



The purposes of Omicron Delta are to:

The Chapter is dedicated to the recognition, support, and promotion of scholarly and professional excellence in nursing, and it contributes to nursing science through the encouragement, support, and communication of nursing research.





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