Omicron Delta Chapter

University of Phoenix

GM Meeting

September 21-24, 2016

General Membership Meeting - 2016/2017

Omicron Delta holds their General Membership Meeting online through The Circle.  This allows all of our members, regardless of where they live, to participate at a time that is convenient for them.  To participate, members simply log on to The Circle with their email and member number.  They may view the discussion threads and post as much or as little as they would like.  CE credits are available free of charge to any member that completes the associated course.


Meeting Information

Dates:  September 21-24, 2016

Topic: Leadership Insights:  Lessons from the Field (Daniel Pesut)

Moderator: Marilyn Klakovich

Facilitators: Angie Strawn, Antoinette Dziedzic


Meeting Resources

Please review the following documents prior to the General Membership Meeting:  

STTI Continuing Education Course:  Leadership Insights:  Lessons from the Field 

This course is free to all STTI members (please follow directions below to access the course).  It takes about an hour to complete and 1.0 contact hour will be awarded following the completion.  The topics presented in this course will be discussed during the GM Meeting. 

To complete the course: 

1) Go to the following link: Leadership Insights: Lessons from the Field

2) Click on the “Add to Cart” button

3) Select “View Now” then

4) Select Individual $99.00 and enter your name & email address under contact


5) Click "Add to Cart" then "Go to Cart"

6) In the upper right, enter the coupon code "stti2016" and click "Apply Code" -- this will

    remove the charges

7) Select “Checkout” on the bottom of the order screen

8) Enter your information and select "Continue" to finish the payment process

9) You will receive a direct link to view the webinar in an e-mail. The CE

     certificate can be obtained after viewing the webinar by completing the evaluation


September 21:  Check In - Go to The Circle at:  Log in at the top right hand corner if it says "Sign In".  If it has your name listed - you are already logged in and can proceed to The Circle.  Click on "The Circle" half way down the page. From there you will be on your own "Circle" page.  At the top of the page there is a "Discussions".  Then scroll down the page to "Chapters" and you will see a link to the Omicron Delta Chapter discussions.  Click on "Omicron Delta Chapter".  You will see a discussion thread titled "General Membership Meeting - Check In". 

September 22-24 - Day 1-3 Discussions - Logging in as you did for the Check In day, you will now see subject headings listed as Day 1, Day 2, and Day 3 for your review. 

September 24 - Day 3 Chapter Reports - Chapter Officer Reports will be posted for review.  Members should review the Chapter Officer Reports prior to logging into the Circle and participating in the DAY 3 discussions. 




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