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Election Time

The 2010 Officer Elections are taking place now! Please click on the link below and place your vote between February 1, 2010 and February 28, 2010. Election results will be posted here in March.

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Candidate One: Pam Fuller

BSN - University of Phoenix

MSN - University of Phoenix

Ed.D - Argosy University

Occupation: Dean, College of Nursing, University of Phoenix

Ballot Statement:

I have been involved with Omicron Delta from the conception of the chapter in 1998 when we received authority form Sigma Theta Tau to become a chapter. I was one of the original charter members. I have severed as president, secretary, on president's advisory council, on the eligibility committee, and research committee. I have served the members of the Arizona branch of the Chapter by being an active member on the AZSTTI Research Consortium Committee for 6 years. As Dean for the College, I also am involved in communication efforts to our undergrad and graduate students regarding membership and benefits of belonging to the chapter. I have served twice as a delegate for the Chapter at the Biennial STTI conference. I am fully devoted to the success of the chapter and its members. I feel the chapter provides a means for professional and collegiality relationships for our future leaders (students and members) in nursing. It would be an honor again to serve as president. We are one of the largest chapter's of STTI and have an opportunity to serve as a mentor to other chapters interested in becomes a virtual chapter. It would be a privilege to lead the chapter into greater levels of success. I do not take this privilege to serve lightly as my job is very demanding, so will the demands of being president. Thus, I would expect members of the board to all take their responsibilities seriously.

President Elect

Candidate One: Angie Strawn

BSN - Michigan State University

MSN - University of California San Francisco

Occupation: Associate Dean, College of Nursing, University of Phoenix

Ballot Statement:

I am a charter member of Omicron Delta, joining in 1998. I have been active ever since as campus 2nd VP for Sacramento, served as Omicron Delta Vice President, then selected to be Western Area VP when this position became available. Currently serving in that role. I have attended various STTI leadership events including the Biennial in San Diego in 1999, Chapter Leader Academy in Indianapolis, and a regional Leadership Academy in Burlingame, California. In November 2009 I attended the Biennial Convention in Indianapolis, also serving as chapter representative to the House of Delegates. I have attended all the Omicron Delta Board meetings since joining in 1998 as well as participating in the educational conferences. I am committed to the mission of STTI and believe in the values and goals of the organization. I would consider it an honor to be elected to the position of President-Elect knowing that I am entrusted with the charge to act on behalf of our membership. I will do my best to serve, to lead, and to represent the Omicron Delta Chapter of the University of Phoenix.

Governance Chair

Candidate One: Debbie Beck

BSN - Madonna University

MSA Health Care - Central Michigan University

MSN - Madonna University

Occupation: College Campus Chair for the College of Nursing and the College of Natural Science Health & Wellness

Ballot Statement:

Membership in Sigma Theta Tau International has provided me with the opportunity to become involved in a variety of leadership, scholarly, and service activities. Having the opportunity to serve as a board member would allow me to have a more formal mechanism to collaboratively develop strategies for chapter development. This would include planning chapter activities, and responsibility for maintaining and updating current bylaws. Participating as a board member would allow me to make an impact in the communities we serve as well as in the membership at large. I welcome the opportunity to serve.

Election results will be posted in March 2010. Thanks to all who participate and vote!

Vote Now: Please click the following button once you have reviewed the candidates above to cast your vote by February 28, 2010


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