Omicron Delta Chapter

University of Phoenix

Board Events

Annual Board Meeting - October 7, 2016 - St. Louis, MO


Board of Directors

Position Name Term Executive Board Voting Member  
President Antoinette Dziedzic 2016/2018 XX  
President-Elect Angie Strawn 2016/2018 XX
TreasurerSandra Wise 2016/2018 XX  
SecretaryKerrie Downing 2015/2017 XX
Vice President Angie Strawn 2015/2017 XX
Counselor Lisa Radesi 2016/2018  X  
Leadership Succession Chair Carol Bauer 2015/2017  X  
Past President Marilyn Klakoivch 2016/2018    
Director of Operations Alison Collins*    
Director of Member Engagement Marilyn Klakovich *      

Chapter Officers and Committees 

Membership Engagement:  Vice President - Angie Strawn, Mentee - Bonnie Kitner

Service:  Immediate Past President - Marilyn Klakovich, Mentee - Jennifer Taoka

Scholarship:  Chair - Nancy Stuever, Members - Robin Goodrich, Vivian Green

Leadership Succession:  Chair - Carol Bauer, Members - Pam Fuller, Evelyn Bell

Governance:  Secretary - Kerrie Downing, Counselor - Lisa Radesi Members - Delegates (Marilyn Klakovich, Antoinette Dziedzic)

Finance:  President Elect - Angie Strawn, Treasurer - Sandra Wise, Immediate Past President - Marilyn Klakovich, Member - Alison Collins

Technology:  Director of Member Engagement - Marilyn Klakovich, Intern - Erica Boone, Member - Alison Collins, Member - Angie Cook

Please feel free to contact any of our Chapter Officers on the The Circle  at or through the chapter administrator at:

* Chapter Employee


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